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Ekavi Valleras

Ekavi Valleras



Ekavi has studied Classical Literature at Kings College London and has received an MA in Theatre studies at City University of New York. She has lived in London, where she worked for two years in the Corporate Social Responsibility Department of Merrill Lynch, and extensively in the sector of non-profit organizations, in theatrical productions and organization of artistic-cultural events. She has cooperated with eminent organizations such as the New York State Council on the Arts, the NY Fringe Festival, the Public Theater and the Athens Festival, where she has worked not only in production but also as program and events coordinator, volunteers’ manager and fundraiser. Ekavi is one of the founding members of Desmos and has been the Managing Director of the organization since 2012.

Fun fact: Ekavi was the first and only person working at Desmos when it started off as an idea and even delivered support packages with her own car to organizations before our van-era! She is super excited for the evolution of Desmos, but when she misses the old times she goes back to the van for deliveries!