In 2015 over 1 million people fled to Europe with thousands casualties lost at the sea trying to cross over. By June 2015, Greece had overtook Italy as the EU country with the most refugee arrivals in that year, and became the unequivocal entry point for the incredible flow of migrating human souls traveling in search of a safe haven and a better future to the Balkan countries and to central and northern Europe.

The incredible influx of refugees and migrants was unexpected and overwhelming for Greece particularly during 2015 and 2016, that faced – and still faces – many challenges in providing proper reception, accommodation and care for these vulnerable groups.

Extensive media coverage of this unprecedented crisis for Greece mobilised countless of people in Greece and abroad who expressed their wish to support in any way they could the efforts towards alleviating the rapidly increasing needs of the refugee population, but also the entry point areas and their local communities.

Thanks to the incredible reflexes of companies, individuals and foundations in Greece and abroad, we were able to cover urgent and life-saving needs, as well as infrastructure and necessary facilities through reliable NGO and volunteer partners.

In an environment with constantly changing needs, conditions, and dynamics, our team has been able to have regular communication with charitable organizations working in the field and we were able to provide crucial aid at Lesvos, Chios, Samos, Tilos, Kos, Leros, Idomeni, Thessaloniki, Kilkis, Piraeus, Lavrio, Ritsona, Kyllini, Eleonas and many more.

The following message from Kilkis is indicative of the importance of guided and educated support towards any emergency. Two students who volunteered with us asked us how they could help and what need is most important but difficult to cover at the time. Following our discussion, they set up and ran a crowdfunding campaign and raised the necessary funds to purchase a bilirubinometer, a medical equipment used to diagnose jaundice in infants, and additional medical supplies for the maternity ward of the General Hospital of Kilkis, which faced enormous difficulties.

“It is with great joy that we would like to inform the remarkable volunteers of Desmos that thanks to their mobilization, our hospital, doctors and nurses are able after a very long time to perform timely medical exams to newborn babies, minimizing health risks and providing them better care! Especially during the past months that our hospital has been overwhelmed by the influx of refugees and births have skyrocketed, your support was more crucial and needed than ever.” George Kalaitzoglou, Director of Kilkis General Hospital.

Since 2015 we have helped create shelters and sanitation facilities, provided medical equipment for ad-hoc clinics and public hospitals in affected areas, distributed rescue jackets, blankets, food supplies, water, baby formula and diapers, hygiene kits and toiletries, raincoats, shoes and much more thanks to your donations that have exceeded €150,000 in value to support vulnerable populations struggling to escape violence, war and poverty.

Although the refugee and migrant crisis is not making daily headlines any more – becoming perhaps “the new norm”-  the need for your help still exists. You can make a difference!