In these trying times, we are constantly working towards better understanding COVID-19 response needs of our society in the present, as well as needs for the next day.

In our efforts to contribute in the most efficient way possible, we choose to provide the best possible support to organizations and institutions that offer medical and social services to COVID-19 vulnerable groups, through government and NGO organizations. We hope to help them create defences against the virus outbreak amongst the high-risk populations they serve.

We are extremely grateful as Greeks and as humans to the foundations, agencies and companies, many of whom are Desmos’ long-standing partners, that have already provided “front-line” agencies, such as the Intensive Care Units and Report Hospitals throughout Greece, with necessary medical equipment, sanitary supplies, and basic goods. 

We are in continuous communication with institutional partners, such as the Ministry of Social Issues and the Ministry of Health, regional and municipal authorities, and 500+ organizations in the Desmos network that provide medical and social services to vulnerable groups and the general public. Their needs are overwhelming. 

That’s why we ask you to help us support: 

  • The Centres for Social Care throughout Greece and the 24/7 hospice services they provide to patients of chronic diseases, people of disability with underlying diseases, unprotected infants and children.  
  • Organizations that provide medical and social services to the elderly, infants, patients undergoing therapy or with chronic diseases, and other high-risk groups.
  • Organizations in Desmos’ network that welcome and take care for people without access to housing, food, basic hygiene, and, of course, information about this unprecedented pandemic. 

According to Desmos’ standard practice, we are committed to 100% accountability for every donation and 100% transparency for every purchase and delivery of in-kind contributions to the organizations we will support, with a complete impact report at the end of the project’s implementation. 

Vulnerable groups need our support now more than ever. Every € makes a difference. 


Make your donation now.