The elderly are among the social groups left most vulnerable by the Greek socio-economic crisis. The quality of life, income and health of senior citizens has decreased significantly, while Greece is an ageing country with many families depending on the pensions of parents and grandparents to cover their needs.

At the same time thousands of seniors are left alone, without family or friends, sometimes literally abandoned in the hospitals in which they are undertaking treatment. A majority of lonely elderly also suffer from serious geriatric conditions and degenerative diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes, chronic kidney disease, chronic respiratory disease, low weight, dementia and other memory disorders, as well as cancer, making their care even more difficult and demanding. Public and charity elderly homes have taken on the heartbreaking task to not only provide much needed specialized care, but also the loving care of an absent family.

“The support given to our elderly home comes at an extremely difficult time for us, lifting a huge burden from our shoulders and covers essential daily needs of our beneficiaries. Your sincere interest in our needs and your immediate response gives us hope and courage to continue our work and provide the best care for our seniors.” - Konstantinos Tomtsis, President of the Naousa Elderly Home

Thanks to the support of individuals, foundations and companies over the past years we have been able to provide crucial support to 66 elderly homes of varying size and capacity, not only in Athens and Thessaloniki, but in remote areas on the mainland and the islands, such as Arta, Serres, Veria, Kalavrita, Crete, Chios and Lefkada etc. 

Through our communication with donors who wish to choose the right project for them to support, we steadily work towards raising awareness regarding the growing financial, health, and mental health problems of our ageing population, but also solutions we can help you provide! Thanks to your support we have brought to life projects that have supported over 2,000 seniors in need. Indicatively, we have supported charitable organizations with the donations of specialized medical equipment, food supplies, ongoing coverage of necessary toiletries and expendables, heating fuel and even specialized renovation works to better the facilities they live in! In total, we have managed to stream over € 200,000 towards the caring of our elderly, who unfortunately are often overlooked and forgotten. Change is possible, if you know where to look.

Considering a worthy cause? Your donation can help seniors across the country live long, healthy and happy lives across the country. Donate Now!