Desmos and Sobi support the victims of the East Attica Wildfires in 2018.

Sobi, a world leader in rare diseases, donated electrical appliances to the victims of the East Attica 2018 wildfires, through Desmos. The appliances were delivered by Caritas Hellas.

The donation of appliances, namely kitchens, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, TVs and smaller household appliances aim at helping the families afflicted by the fires cover basic needs, in hope of returning to a normal standard of living.

Mrs V. Garoufalidou, Carita’s representative, mentioned that ‘what matter most is to offer continuous support to people of the afflicted areas. As time has gone by, the support offered diminished. Actions, such as Desmos do not only offer in kind, but also serve as a psychological boost for afflicted families, a proof that people still care about them and have not left them alone in their struggle against this difficult situation.