In these trying times we #stayathome, while working to understand our society’s emergency and long-term needs. Stay tuned for updates on useful information, health providers and organizations’ needs to address the pandemic, available services and resources, and much more.  

Here you may find updates with useful information, needs of health and social service providers, services on offer, and how each one of us can help in an effective way.

How can I help: 

– Blood banks are running low as blood donations have stalled. Let’s all give a little of our time to donate blood safely at the open air blood drives at municipalities in Attica. Check out dates and locations on Όλοι Μαζί Μπορούμε.

– Spring Cleaning: staying home has inspired closet cleaning in all of us! Let’s put aside all the things in great condition that we want to give away until its safe to distribute them to organizations that really need them.

-Become a volunteer 

Please note: Let’s be mindful and refrain from putting bulky items we do not need on the street because municipal garbage collection services are currently overwhelmed.

What should I heed 

– Follow expert advice and instruction regarding hygiene and protection from the virus. Visit the website of the Ministry of Health and watch these informational videos on the virus and how it spreads.

– I #stayhome and  read books, excercise daily, spend quality time with my family and children, I remain active and mentally alert.  Some ideas and tools that might be helpful are:  for digital services Digital Solidarity, cultural activities while at home, home fitness with applications such as Peloton, and much more

– For every outing, I print and carry with me this Government Transportation Form

– I remain positive and optimistic. 

We are all in this together, so stay home and stay safe.