In times of crisis, our mission is to immediately reach those affected. Managing the outpour of support efficiently is critical for initial response, but also essential in kick-starting recovery. Following the wildfires of Eastern Attica on July 23rd 2018 and the generous support we received from companies and individuals, we focused on relieving the local community by renovating public spaces reviving community life, and further secure the afflicted areas by providing fire prevention works.

Within 2 years from the unprecedented event of 2018, Desmos delivered 3 additional public service works to the area, completing the second phase of works in the area. 

The first phase of public works was completed within less than a year and delivered in July 2019, including the renovation of the public space surrounding the Mati Nautical Club (NAOMA), the reconstruction of 3 playgrounds, 2 basketball courts, and one beach volley ball court. Read all about the first round of donations in 2019 here.

                                                                                                                      Basketball court – Mati


                                                                                                                          Playground – NAOMA


                                                                                                                  Public Space Surrounding NAOMA   

One year later, in July 2020, Desmos completed and delivered the renovation of a soccer 5×5 court for the Municipal Sports Center of the Municipality of Rafina – Pikermi that hosts the Neos Voutzas Sports Club “Proodos”, the purchase and delivery of a claw crane truck to assist with the Marathon Municipality’s efforts to clear debris and dried branches from public spaces and squares in Marathonas, and finally, covered the cost for the cleaning crew of public spaces for the month of July 2020.

                                                                                                                    Soccer Field (5×5) – Proodos


                                                                                                                          Claw Crane Truck – Marathon Municipality     


Stella Rossi, Valentina Vitali, Eleni Bathianaki, Emily Kern   

To mark the official handover of these 3 important donations, Desmos representatives visited the area and met with both mayors and representatives of the local communities. Specifically, on Thursday July 9th, 2020 Πέμπτη, Mrs. Eleni Bathianaki (Desmos BoD), Mrs. Emily Kern (Desmos Director), and Mrs. Valentina Vitali (Project Manager) met with the Marathon Mayor Mr. Stergio Tsirkas, and Rafina-Pikermi Mayor Mr. Evaggelo Bournous.

Τhe claw crane truck, delivered to the Marathon Municipality has been put to use in order to clean and carry dry debris in the area, one of the reasons the wildfires of 2018 spread so quickly. It is highly valued as an important tool for the residents and will continue to be utilized in fire prevention works in years to come.  

We would like to wholeheartedly thank the Mayor of Marathonas, Mr. Stergios Tsirkas, and the president of NAOMA, Mr. Michalis Schinas, the president of the Residents of Mati, Mr. Kostas Boufis, who greeted us with warmth and hospitality.  A copy of an olive branch from the Marathonas Museum and a real-life olive plant were a heart-warming act of gratitude and acknowledgement of Desmos’ contribution in Eastern Attica. We also thank the Mayor of Rafina-Pikermi, who joined us on our visit to the soccer field.

Mrs. Stella Rossi, representing the Neos Voutzas Sports Club “I Proodos” shared that «The soccer court is already being used, it has been embraced by the entire community, and is being enjoyed by children and adults οn a daily basis.”

We are extremely proud that the soccer field is already a meeting point for the community of these afflicted areas, a place where the fundamental human values of respect, solidarity, and honesty are cultivated.

Special thanks to: Mr. Nicholas Kominis from Studio Kominis for the volunteer time he has committed and the amazing photos (Studio Kominis / Nikolas Kominis) instagram @nkom2000 @studiokominis).