Blue Palace Resorts, collaborating closely with Desmos through the program “Desmos for Schools”, are providing aid and helping to upgrade Primary Schools in Crete. The hotel chain has collected over 10,624.33 euros in one year, which will be used to provide support to the 1st and 2nd Primary Schools of Agios Nikolaos and the Informatics Centre for New Technologies (KE.PLI.NE.T.) in the Prefecture of Lasithi.


The proceeds have covered:

  • Basic infrastructure needs such as furniture and equipment for the School library
  • Equipment for the Physics, Chemistry and Mechanical labs, so as to enable schoolchildren to partake in group experiments
  • Robotics systems for children of all ages, from Nursery School to 12th Grade

It should be noted that many children from low income families as well as from economic migrant families attend the respective Schools.


The Schools have been provided with:

  1.  Laboratory equipment under the “Class support” program, so that experiments in various disciplines can be conducted, including:

Energy, Electricity and Electromagnetism, Sound and Vision, Mechanics, Chemistry, Body system, Molecular particles, Animal and Plant Ecosystems.

  1.  Laboratory equipment for group experiments comprising 4-8 schoolchildren, and equipment  for the chemistry lab for groups of up to 4 schoolchildren. This includes:  a) General purpose equipment, Mechanical, Hydrostatic and Air Pressure equipment b) Appliances – Equipment for experiments in the fields of: Thermal Energy, Electricity, Magnetism, Optics, Chemistry and Biology

The above mentioned equipment and materials will fully cover fifth and sixth grades’ requirements.

The Informatics Centre for New Technologies of Lasithi, pertaining to the Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs, is responsible for providing technical support to Nursery, Primary and Secondary Schools.

Robotics equipment, specifically adapted to the needs of various School grade levels, was donated to the Informatics Centre for New Technologies of Lasithi.

The purpose of Robotics classes is to enable schoolchildren to gain a basic understanding of the subject at Primary and Secondary School levels, by acquiring a deeper insight into robotics so that they use it effectively to improve their quality of life.


Learning how to create Robotic structures is a complex and interdisciplinary activity. Schoolchildren acquire skills and participate with their own robotic constructions in School Festivals of Digital Creativity. All entries are given an award.

Mr. Vasilios Orfanakis, responsible for Informatics and New Technologies at the Secondary School Level in the Prefecture of Lasithi, thanked Desmos for its initiative, its co-ordinating role, and its donation.

“This donation is indicative of the generosity and social responsibility of those who are willing to give. The provision of unconditional support to improve the day-to-day running of our Schools, sets a brilliant example, at a time of economic hardship, and demonstrates in the most lucid way the social solidarity which is so characteristic of Desmos and the staff of Blue Palace, a Luxury Collection Resort and Spa”.