Over 1,000 schools participated in the School Week for Volunteerism, organized by “Let’s do it Greece” and “I care and Act”.

A powerful message in support of volunteerism, everywhere in Greece.

Over 10% of public schools nationwide participated in the School week for Volunteerism, which ended on 7th of April and was organized by “Let’s do it Greece” through “I care and act”. This constitutes a highly impressive level of involvement on the part of the school community.

Children from Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary schools all over Greece, together with their parents, teachers and other organizations, took part in volunteer activities focusing on the environment, helping Fellow human beings, the local community, and animal care.

The photos and videos in n www.volunteer4schools.gr depict a powerful message of hope passed on by the participating schools children. This message is solidified by the directness of their activities’ impact on local communities. An active interest in the common welfare can make our society and country a better place.

The vast wave of volunteerism, which extended to every geographical reach of Greece, depicts in the most suitable way the values of compassion, respect, solidarity, imagination and “devotion in what we do”. Schoolchildren turned up in large numbers, and took part  in numerous activities which included cleaning up beaches and forest areas, preparing meals for other fellow human beings, collecting essential items for those in need, reforesting empty spaces of land, improving the aesthetics of neighborhoods, assisting persons with disabilities, empowering elderly people, taking care of abandoned and stray animals, taking initiatives to improve the quality of life in local communities, and acquiring pleasure, joy and empowerment  from the sense of giving to the community.

The School week of Volunteerism was jointly organized by “Let’s do it Greece” (www.letsdoitgreece.org),  the largest initiative for co-ordinated volunteering in Greece, and “I Care and Act” (www.noiazomaikaidrw), the pioneer training program for volunteerism and active citizenship, implemented by the Non-Profit Foundation Desmos (www.desmos.org) in conjunction with The Lambrakis Foundation (www.lrf.gr).

The co-organizers promoted the active participation of families and organizations together with schoolchildren and their teachers, thereby providing the stimulus for the whole community to become actively involved.

You can see the whole range of activities conducted nationwide on www.volunteer4schools.gr where the latest photos and videos are uploaded on a daily basis.

Schoolchildren, who constituted the main participants in the School Week of volunteerism, together with individuals and organizations who supported them, demonstrated in the best possible way how the act of volunteerism can bring us together, uniting us in a big family, to make the world a better place. They are the source of inspiration for all of us, a beacon of hope, transmitting  the message that it is possible to actually change society for the better if we actively care and act. Congratulations to all who took part!